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Anka Analitik delivers solutions to customers in needs of  chemical analysis, quality control, foundry and laboratory equipments etc.  We  offer the crucial 24 hours a day- 7 days a week  technical and calibration support , after sale personal trainings and also provide spare parts or accessories if needed.

Anka Analitik works with a broad range of clients from variety industries such as metallurgy, chemical, ceramic, cement, mine or universities, institutes and public organizations etc. We hold distribution of extensive brands:

Cilas invented the first particle size analyzer for cement industry in France year 1968. The company is a subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Consortium (AİRBUS Group).  The company  offers  the laser particle size and shape analyzer in wet and dry mode with promising highest accuracy, precision and reproducibility.

GNR is a İtalian worldwide market producer of advanced X-ray (XRD, XRF) and Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) systems for complete solutions in structural and elemental analysis

Eidosolutions is also an İtailan. The company with its extensive experinece  designs and manufacturs X-ray equipments of various sizes and shapes based on the type of object in needs of Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

Elvatech manufactuers and designs portable, handheld or desktop  devices.X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometric equipments  depending on user  preferences or needs.

Galdabini is located in İtaly; manufacturs and innovates  machines in testing, straightening and metalforming.

Hirox is a Japanese optic manufacturer  that inveted the Digital Microscope in 1986. The company offers  a 3D Digital Microscope system that is able to do Observation, Measurement, Recording, and see things “as they are.”

Anka Analitik employes  a extensively recognized  team  of engineers with over 15 years of knowledge and expertise. The team follows a  yearly training  plan with our brands,so we can either develop ourself and support our customers for any trouble-shooting, applications or other requirements.

Anka Analitik has a capacity of handling  public institution projects  by possesing certificates from Ministry of Industry and Turkish Standards Institutions (TSE ).

Anka Analitik always aims to gain our country' added-value. We have a work plan prepared by engineer team that in the near future, first we want to invest in neccesary infrastructre, develop a native product, and move on to dometic production,

Our Vision,

In the industry of analysis,  Anka Analitik is commited to be the premier choice of engineering solutions among our potential or current clients, so we can sharpen their quailty of research or products etc.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Our integrity is crucial to our business
  • To prevent any dispute and be transparent, responsive; we act within the confines of the law and respect internationally guidelines.
  • To create an envoirement where our colleagues, suplliers, and clients can meet  social accountability standards
  • To maintain a culture where issues and work ethics can be raised and discussed openly.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To become Turkey's one of the most trusted brand for analysis industry.
  • To meet and go beyond our client's needs and expectations with high-quality devices and compeletly satisfied customer service.
  • To develop our team's knowledge and  product line with industry's  best methods and advanced technologies.
  • To equip our customer's team with essential knowledge via  Anka Analitik training programs.
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