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BeVision D2 Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer

BeVision D2 Dynamic Image Particle Analyser 30-10000 µm 

The BeVision D2 is a compact, easy-to-use, dynamic image analysis system for the determination of particle size and shape. By default, the BeVision D2  is equipped with a dry dispersing unit, designed for granular and coarse powders.

The high-speed CCD camera system is capable to reach 120 frames per second, which avoids negative effects of moving particles caused by slower camera technology. Furthermore, the instrument is equipped with a powerful LED array light source and telecentric lens system. Also, BeVision D2 particle size analyzer's high speed CCD camera and multi-threaded software quickly identify particles and obtains stable and accurate measurement results.

The dry dispersion system works via a vibratory feeder and a software-controlled, height-adjustable feeding funnel. At the end, the particles pass to a drop chute with a variable focusing funnel. The falling particles are detected and photographed in real time and immediately analyzed in terms of particle size distribution and particle shape.

BeVision D2 Optical System

The BeVision D2 particle size and shape analyzer identifies agglomerated particles in terms of shape, angle and size, preventing overall analysis results from being affected.

Agglomerated Particles


  • Size range : Dry: 30-10000µm 
  • CCD Imaging speed : 120 frames/s
  • Measuring speed : 10000pcs/min 
  • Typical measurement time : ≤10min 
  • Accuracy  : ≤1% (GBRM D50)
  • Repeatability : ≤1% (GBRM D50)
  • Magnification : 9-300 times 


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