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AreX L Retained Austenite XRD Analyzer

AREX Retained Austenite Analyzer

GNR is introducing an excellent instrument able to measure in an automated and easy way Retained Austenite in compliance with ASTM E 975 -03.

The retained austenite levels are significant for steel industry to the development and control of heat treatment process.

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is the most accurate method to determine retained austenite levels down to 0.5%.

AREX L Retained Austenite XRD Analyzer is capable of measuring the integrated intensities of the austenite (220) and (311), and the ferrite (200) and (211) diffraction peaks. The use of multiple diffraction peaks minimizes the effects of preferred orientation and allows interference from carbides to be detected.

AREX L XRD is developed for quantitative determination of Retained Austenite for that a fixed angular range X-Ray Diffractometer is placed to ensure most accurate measurement. ARE X has a unique concept, Retained Austenite volume percentage can be measured in a very short tıme, just placing the sample and pressing start button.


Quantitative determination of retained austenite content in heat-treated steels by x-ray diffraction has provided a reliable mean of controlling properties and ensuring quality.

Using "ASTM E 975-03 Standard Practice for X-ray Determination of Retained Austenite inSteel with Near Random Crystallographic Orientation" along with the ARE X, retained austenite issues can be easily monitored and controlled.


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