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HIGH TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS AND UNIVERSAL FLOOR STANDING TESTING MACHINES Wide range of universal testing machines with nominal forces from 200 to 2000 kN for tensile, cycle, compression and flexure tests in compliance with International Standards. An accurate design of frames, crossheads, grips and other components as well as the use of the latest technologies are key factors to provide high quality products.

QUASAR 200 kN A dual column floor standing testing machine QUASAR 200 of 200 kN maily used for testing automotive and aerospace components by metal, steel and alloy QUASAR 250 kN Dual column floor model testing machine QUASAR 250 of 250 kN commonly used for automotive and aerospace industry, non-ambient temperature applications of metals, plastics, wood, composites, technical textiles QUASAR 600 kN The testing machine QUASAR 600 of 600 kN is the ideal choice to perform tests on materials derived from the iron and steel industry, steel mills, oil and gas and laboratories working on behalf of a third party QUASAR 1000 - 1200 kN QUASAR 1000 of 1000 kN and QUASAR 1200 of 1200 kN are high load capacity material testing machines, related to tests on metals, steels, high resistance materials (Rebar), tubes from such areas as foundries, third party laboratories for tests on cast iron and steel, oil and gas sector (CTOD tests) QUASAR 2000 kN Dual column floor standing QUASAR 2000 of 2000 kN is suitable to test samples and large size products (M64 screws on ISO 898)


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