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RH-2000 Digital Microscope


New Revolutionary Hardware

New Mounting System

Fast and easy mounting of the camera using bayonet system with built in electrical connections for automatic lens and adapter selection, control of the rotation and more... without additional cables.


Up to 100 frames/s

Hirox's CMOS camera to capture up to 50 fps with the continuous high-quality resolution of 1920x1200 pixel. This provides a great on-screen performance and live image operation is as smooth as the naked eye and frame rate can be increased up to 100 fps in the Binning mode.








Super fast USB3 connection to any PC

Freedom to chose Fast PC, Full HD Screen, Windows 7 or 8, desktop or laptop, via an ultra fast and universal USB3 connection up to 5Gb/s. The obsolescence is therefore limited, and offers endless future updates!


High Intensity LED Lighting

The new high intensity LED light source provides 5700K temperature, which closely portrays day light color ter4mperature (5460K) to re-produce true sample color image as well as full illumination immediately with no warm up time.
Average life time of 30,000 hours, equivalent to over 14 years of usage (Note: 8 hours/day x 25 days x 12 months x 14 years).



High Quality Observation

Autofocus - MultifocusUltra fast auto-focus and multi-focus! Get a fully focussed image with one click thanks to our high speed algorithm and very accurate motorized Z-axis movements (50 nanometer per step).  r5
HDR (High Dynamic Range)Save time by quickly transferring image With 1 click, the HDR function creates an image with the perfect exposition by combining many levels of light intensity in a single image: all information in the highlights and the dark areas are captured without any difficulty.  r6

2D Measurement

The RH-2000 offers accurate and calibrated measurements in real-time, including length, area, angle, diameter or automatic surface area.
The combination of encoded optics and powerful software eliminates any human errors by automatically selecting and displaying the correct lens, adapter and scale on the screen at any time.
In addition, the actual dimension and measurement results can be saved on the captured image or as a CSV file.


Auto count functionsAdvanced software algorithm allows automatic detection and count of particles, based on contrast or color values: with 1 click the system automatically counts parts that have similar colors, with advanced statistics. r8
Statistics & Excel reportsSave time by quickly transferring image files into the Easy Report Writer in order to make presentations. Several different templates are available or customize templates to taste. Reports can be printed, saved, or exported to spreadsheet applications.  r9

Fastest way to create 3D Models



When capturing 10 image planes, it only takes 1 second to display a high quality 3D model. The integrated stepping motor allows for faster, smoother, and more accurate scanning with 0.05µm/pulse precision and 30mm of automated travel.

Point Height Measurement

Display point height by simply clicking on the 3D model. With each click, height value labels are displayed from a standard zero point or a zero point can be set (new reference point) from a specific position on the model. Point height measurements are possible in both 2D and 3D rendered images.


3D Display

3D model information can be displayed as original color, pseudo, or as a wireframe, maximizing the amount of information that can be taken from a 3D model. Original and pseudo color can be mixed on the 3D model.



Simply adjust the slicer to visualize and measure any details on the 3D object: the profile created is like a virtual vertical cross section allowing precise measurements.


Volume and Area Measurement

Volume and area can also be measured on the 3D object by adjusting the horizontal cross section and clicking on the area of interest.


Angle/radius in 3D

Using the profile measurement function, it's very simple to measure any radius on a 3D object by simply “drawing” a circle with 3 points or any angle by selecting 2 lines crossing each other.


Roughness (Ra, Rz, Rzjis)

The powerful 3D software enables accurate line roughness measurement Ra and Rz (ISO4287:1997) and is compatible with optional surface roughness measurements (Sa, Sq, and many more) .



Real-Time 3D Tiling - Creating Wide Field of View 3D Images.

In an optical system, 3D images are produced by vertically stacking the depth of field, focus point to focus point.
However, at low magnification this method is not possible, because the depth of field is too high. Until now, height information could only be gathered in the vertical axis.


By allowing the user to continuously stack the depth of field, focus point to focus point with the freedom to move horizontally, the user can create a 3D model with a field of view as if it were captured with a low magnification lens.

High Quality Optics

All lenses include high-performance zoom incorporated technologies, as well as high-grade built in illumination, and precision mechanism designs, crafted with pride by the lens manufacturer, Hirox.



The high-performance zoom lens has a compact body, provides a high resolution image, and offers a large optical depth-of-field with the ability to utilize an even larger digital depth-of-field. The lens can be handheld and accommodates numerous applications through the attachment of 13 various adapters covering a magnification range of 6x-320x.

r19MXB-2500REZ / 5000REZ

Incredibly wide zoom range with a triple objective turret. The dual illumination mechanism provides both co-axial and ring lighting. The operator is free to choose either setting or a mix of both in order to cover a multitude of applications. The lighting system is integrated into the lens and no additional cables are required.



This universal lens can be equipped with a wide selection of optical adapters. Attaching the rotary head adapter allows 360 Degree revolution with the ability to inspect at multiple angles. The various exclusive adapters snap-on, allowing one-touch replacement and a magnification range that expands observation from 20x-800x.



The high range optical zoom lens incorporates high expandability and the highest resolution in the MX(G) series. With six interchangeable objective lenses, the lens covers a magnification range of 35x-7000x. A directional lighting adapter is provided for co-axial vertical lighting to achieve intricate optical observation.


High Performance Stands

A high performance lens requires a high performance stand to show its' power while being operated. It is the stand that connects the lens to the operator's hand, meaning that the stand must have a high level of precision and be easy to use.
Combine this stand with the optional Electronic Focus Block (0.05µm/pulse) for 3D observation and height measurements.


Dynamic Focus Control (Z-Axis)

With the motor controller built into the main unit, the stand is able to easily achieve extremely high precision. The stand also has an incredibly long travel range with 30mm of motor controlled travel and 85mm of manually controlled travel.

Inclination stand

Choose up to 180 degrees of inclination with stage rotation for target observation.

Motorized XY-Axis Stage

Designed with a compact body and integrated motor drivers, it can be easy controlled by joystick or dragging mouse. 40mm x 40mm working range with high precision of 0.04 µm step.



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